Weebly Promote FAQ

How do I use the Email Services responsibly?

Becoming a great email marketer takes some time and commitment. The Weebly Promote feature, is the first step to helping you become a great email marketer. Getting emails delivered and avoiding being labeled a "Spammer" is vital to the success of entrepreneurs, businesses and non-profit organizations. While there are countless tips, tricks, and technical approaches that can be used, a simple focus on these four strategies will help:

Are there any laws against sending Spam?

Yes. In January of 2004 a federal anti-spam law (the CAN-SPAM Act) went into effect in the United States. This Act regulates, in part, commercial email, establishes requirements for commercial messages, gives recipients the right to have you stop emailing them, and spells out tough penalties for violations. The law makes it illegal and ultimately less attractive to spam. At Weebly, we view the CAN-SPAM Act as the lowest barrier to entry rather than the pinnacle to which marketers should strive. Because Spam is about consent not content, arguments that mail is CAN-SPAM compliant are often irrelevant.

There are also many other laws and regulations around the world surrounding electronic marketing. If you live or work in Canada, or email folks who do, you’ll want to be sure to collect and catalog express consent as outlined in the new Canadian Anti-Spam Laws (CASL). Same goes for if you live or work in Europe. Make sure you look up and abide by local EU member states’ laws on email marketing. As a general note, the laws and regulations that govern email marketing are constantly evolving, and you are ultimately responsible for the emails you send, so we encourage you to stay informed about the laws that affect you and your email recipients.

While we can’t give legal advice, we encourage you to become familiar with these laws, especially if you live in or mail to recipients outside the U.S. Additionally, by agreeing to the TOS, you agree to not send SPAM so make sure you brush up on your reading!

How does Weebly help protect against sending unwanted or unsolicited email?

Weebly uses the full spectrum of people, processes, and technology to ensure that our user's mail gets delivered.

Legal - We require that each user understands and agrees to our permission-based Terms of Service. In addition, when users upload a contact list, they must agree that it is consent-based. Finally, we require that each user understand and agree that they do not send marketing emails to recipients located in export controlled or embargoed countries.

Unsubscribe - Every email generated through the Weebly Promote feature contains an unsubscribe link which allows contacts to opt-out of future emails and automatically updates contact lists to avoid the chance of sending unwanted emails in the future.

Reporting Abuse - If you feel a Weebly user is sending unsolicited email, you can report it to us by sending us an email at abuse@weebly.com. Each email will be reviewed by a member of the Abuse team. In addition, we will investigate each complaint and take appropriate action against the sender.